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Appointment Types

Assessment and consultation:  After hearing about your symptoms and reasons for seeking care, your emotional and physical health, and your family's health history, Dr. Alson will work with you to develop a plan for ongoing treatment and/or referrals. Initial appointments are 60-90 minutes long.


Psychiatric pharmacotherapy may be provided independently, or in combination with psychotherapy provided by another therapist. Most medication-focused appointments are 25 minutes.


Psychotherapy may be offered, with or without medication management. Most psychotherapy sessions are 50 minutes. 


Second opinion consultations are similar to assessment and consultation, and may include review of relevant medical records.


Telemedicine is available for established patients in Virginia, New York and Florida, when appropriate.

Eating Disorders Medicine:

Dr. Alson brings knowledge, understanding, and hope to the care of individuals with disordered eating.  She works with other clinicians including psychotherapists, dietitians, and medical colleagues, to provide structured, specialized, individualized treatment in a supportive environment.

Required lab work and other studies ordered by Dr. Alson can be performed in your primary care physician's facility or at a local laboratory. Dr. Alson will collaborate with your general practitioner or provide referrals for primary care.

Conditions treated
  • Mood and anxiety disorders

  • Adjustment disorders

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Difficulty with major life transitions (such as adjustment to college, graduate or professional school)

  • Eating disorders

  • Psychiatric symptoms associated with general medical health problems

  • Hypochondriasis (health anxiety)

  • Symptoms related to trauma

  • Attention deficit disorder

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